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Doctor Daleks

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First Doctor Dalek

Second Doctor Dalek

The Third Doctor Dalek

Fourth Doctor Dalek

Fifth Doctor Dalek

Sixth Doctor Dalek

Seventh Doctor Dalek

Eighth Doctor Dalek

Ninth Doctor Dalek

Tenth Doctor Dalek

Eleventh Doctor Dalek

Daleks in the perfect disguise!

We are the Doctor. Nothing to see here. Just your average law-abiding, world-saving time lord types… and definitely NOT a death parade of metallic, homicidal machines from the stars.


  1. Very clever. I like the Jelly Babies falling from the claw of the Tom Baker one. Nice work!

  2. Wow!! Any chance of t-shirts? I’d love a 4th and an 11th ( for starters :-)

  3. I hadn’t planned on shirts, but maybe I could work something out someday. 😀

  4. Doctor Who <3!! These are really cool!


  1. Doctor Who: Daleks (in disguise) by Murphy Pop | Killer Kitsch - […] Daleks in disguise by Meghan Murphy at MurphyPop. […]

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