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  1. Dahling! Fabulous work!!

  2. Brilliant! Wonderful character, style, colors, execution…

  3. Very nice illustration. Love the simplicity and your color choice.

  4. A vamp in the fog, very nice work. I can just picture the scene in some classic film noir… down by the harbourside, the failing lamp on the side of a corrigated iron warehouse picks out wraiths of fog and cigarette smoke as they entwine the hourglass figure silhouette. She raises her milky white face and half closed eyes glint, answering Marlow Spades enquiring gaze. Another flash catches the corner of his eye as the lamp light illuminates the nickle and pearl of the .38 revolver held steady in her gloved hand. Love your style and subject matter!

  5. Beautiful!!!!!!

  6. Very nice vector art, awesome!

  7. Very sheik. She’s a good girl that wants to be bad, right? Very nice illustration, and works great with the topic.

  8. Very Femme Fatale. Nice style overall.

  9. Thats one shady lady! Her body language is saying “come hither” and “don’t mess with me” at the same time! Nice work.

  10. Super cute! Love the style and colors :D

  11. Love this! very nicely done.

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